Thursday, December 15, 2016

Over 23,000 Indian Motorcycles Recalled

Indian Recalls 23,000+ Motorcycles for Possible Fuel Leak

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA (December 14, 2016) — Indian Motorcycle Company has issued a recall for certain model year 2014-2017 Chief Classic, Chief Dark Horse, Vintage, Chieftan, Chieftan Dark Horse, Springfield, and Roadmaster motorcycles.

The fuel rail on the affected motorcycles may contact other components and result in a fuel leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire.

Approximately 23,746 motorcycles are impacted by this recall—all of which were manufactured between April 15, 2013 and July 15, 2016.

Pictured: Indian Chief Dark Horse Indian

Indian will notify owners, and dealers will install a bracket on the affected motorcycles that will limit movement of the fuel rail. These repairs will be conducted free of charge to owners.

This recall is expected to begin this Month, December 2016. For further details, owners can contact Indian Motorcycle customer service at (877) 204-3697—reference recall number I-16-03.

To find out if your vehicle is affected by this recall, you can enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s online recall look-up tool here: SafeCar VIN Search

Harley-Davidson Servi-Car

A nice restored Harley-Davidson Servi-Car

The Servi-Car was designed during the Great Depression when Harley-Davidson was desperate to expand its product base to increase sales. Targeted at the automotive service industry, the vehicle was designed to be towed behind a car to be delivered to a customer; when the car was delivered at its destination, the driver would unhitch the Servi-Car and ride back to the garage. For this reason, it was available with a tow bar at the front and a large 60 Ah battery.

In addition to its intended use for car delivery and retrieval, the Servi-Car was also popular as a utility vehicle for small businesses and mobile vendors. They proved to be particularly popular with the police departments, some of which still used Servi-Cars into the 1990s.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kevin Bean're attempts coast to coast mini bike trip

Will travel over 3,000 miles to raise money for charity

 DAYTONA, FL (December 13, 2016) — Going after a 50cc mini bike long distance world record? Why not. Kevin Bean’re intends to ride coast to coast from Daytona to San Diego to add his name to the Guinness World Records. 

Kevin will ride with friend Tim Ford  for what is expected to be a 9-day 3000-mile trip, of course using mainly back roads.

This world record attempt is also the pretext to raise money for charity, the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation, whose purpose is to advocate for ALD newborn screening in every state. ALD is a deadly genetic disease that affects 1 in 18 000 people. 

Keven after breaking the 1st World Record

It most severely affects young boys and men with loss of muscle control and progressive dementia leading to death.

Kevin Bean’re and his riding companion intend to organize fund raisers along their way to San Diego and to carry some proposed legislation to several of the state capitals they will travel through. They also have plans to have individual pledges by the mileage that they accrue. 

Kevin Bean're relaxing atop his Harley-Davidson

There will be a page on the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation website for donations. The coast to coast ride will start from Daytona on March 20, the day after Daytona Bike Week is over. 

For more information about Kevin Bean're, visit his website @ Everything Bean're

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fall Pan

A beautiful Autumn day backdrops this Harley Panhead 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Biker Posts Last Goodbye Video

Tail of the Dragon crash survivor shares final goodbye videos

KNOXVILLE, TN – (October 26, 2016) Kevin Diepenbrock was dying, and he knew it. As he lay in a ditch unable to move and barely able to breathe, he filmed his final goodbyes to his parents and his wife.

"See you guys soon," he says as the first video ends. By the time he filmed the third video in total darkness, his voice had grown hoarse and faltering, and he doesn't sound quite so optimistic.

Kevin and Courtney Diepenbrock watched the videos for the first time on Monday night in his hospital room at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. He initially decided he didn't want anyone else to see them, and deleted them from his phone.

But on Tuesday, he retrieved them from cloud storage and shared them with the News Sentinel.
On Oct. 15, Diepenbrock and Phillip Polito, his riding companion and co-worker at a natural gas plant near Philadelphia, Pa., tumbled more than 100 feet down a rocky embankment after their motorcycles collided on a notorious stretch of Highway 129 near mile marker 4 called "The Dragon."

Polito, 29, of Perryville, Mo., was killed in the crash, and the 41-year-old Diepenbrock was flung out of sight from the motorists who get a thrill from the treacherous road's sharp curves and scenic views. With two punctured lungs, 17 breaks in 12 ribs and multiple spinal fractures, Diepenbrock couldn't move. He had no cell phone signal. He lay on the ground for 30 hours before he was rescued, yelling as he listened to every car that passed and slowly realizing that maybe; he wouldn't make it out alive.

Timeless Classics

An old Ford Truck along side an old Harley Panhead...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hells Angels Clubhouse is Pokeman Go Stop

The Hells Angels don't want Pokemon Go players hanging around their clubhouse

Coquitlam, Canada (July 25, 2016) The motorcycle club’s Coquitlam clubhouse is drawing unwanted attention after being included in the mobile app phenomenon. The clubhouse is off limits to the public.

Rick Ciarniello, a spokesperson for the motorcycle club's Vancouver chapter, said members are not pleased to learn of the inclusion in the game, and they expect players to stay off the property.

The Brunette Avenue site is the Vancouver HA chapter's headquarters

"That's pretty weird," Chance Broman told CTV as he hunted Pokemon across the street. "I'm going to stay far away."

Police are unimpressed and have issued a warning to stay away from the clubhouse.

"To have a game that appeals to all ages, especially one that targets youth, attract people to the clubhouse of a gang whose members are known to be violent and be involved in a wide range of criminal activity is unacceptable," Staff Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit told CTV.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Richard Rawlings buys closed Twin Peaks Restaurant

New restaurant to be named "Richard Rawlings Garage"

Richard Rawlings surprising Sue with a Harley ride

HARKER HEIGHTS, TEXAS (July 11th, 2016) Richard Rawlings from the Discovery Channel show "Fast N’ Loud" has purchased one of two closed Twin Peaks restaurants and will open a new restaurant there next month. The grand opening of the new "Richard Rawlings Garage" is scheduled for Aug. 10.

This is the Rawlings second restaurant, and his first outside of the Dallas area.

The Twin Peaks restaurant in Harker Heights was ordered closed in September 2015 by the company’s corporate office.

The company that owned the restaurant, Peaktastic Beverage LLC, also operated the chain's Waco restaurant, which was the scene of a deadly massacre on May 17, 2015. The Twin Peaks chain revoked the franchise of the Waco restaurant in May, a day after the Waco police gunned down nine bikers and another 20 injured.

The company allowed a third-party to continue to operate the Harker Heights restaurant after terminating Peaktastic’s franchise in order to give the owners time to determine whether to change the name or sell the business. The opening shows that the Fort Hood area is growing and attracting new and bigger businesses, Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce President Gina Pence said.

The trademark Twin Peaks totem pole has been replaced, appropriately, by an embedded car, as the grand opening of the new restaurant approaches. (Photo by Sam DeLeon)

"We’re also hoping that it will encourage more people to bring other industries into the community as well.”

Pence says there has been a big business boom in Heights over the last few years and she hopes this will attract other industries to open up shop in Harker Heights. On the Discovery Channel reality show Rawlings, along with Aaron Kaufman, seek out run-down cars and restore them for profit with the help from his Gas Monkey Garage crew.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wall of Death

Waiting In Traffic..


She is working on it..

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to help Veterans, Youth PLUS get a tax deduction at the same time? Corporate Sponsorship to Bikersinc is one way.


With over 26,000 active participants in our social media networks and another 560,000 on standby from several of our associate’s social media network, sponsorship at Bikersinc will help you achieve your company’s strategic marketing objectives, community outreach & philanthropic goals.

Your sponsorship will be custom-built to align with a Bikersinc program or special project that provides you and your company with an effective platform to reach your target audience and to achieve results.

Sponsorship benefits may include:

· Recognition on external advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns

· In-house recognition, including signage and printed materials

· Online recognition on the Bikersinc’s website and Social Media platforms

· Promotional opportunities with the our audience

· Admission passes and accesses opportunities.

Click link for more info: To discuss the Corporate Partners program, corporate sponsorship opportunities or to arrange a meeting please call (317) 440-1063, or email us at:

 Bikersinc is a registered non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational & charitable purposes within Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Steam Punked

NHTSA investigates Harley brake failures

MILWAUKEE, WI — (July 9th, 2016) The federal government is investigating complaints from Harley-Davidson owners who say their motorcycle brakes failed without warning.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the investigation covers 430,000 motorcycles with model years from 2008 through 2011. The investigation stems from bikes with an anti-lock braking system, according to NHTSA.

Riders reported that the brakes on the hand lever and foot pedal did not work, causing one driver to crash into a garage door. Government regulators said they received 43 complaints, three reports of crashes and two reports of injuries.

Regulators said it is possible that some riders who experienced brake failure did not change the motorcycle's brake fluid every two years as recommended by Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Inc.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles roll through an automated assembly line

The investigation is not a motorcycle product safety recall. Harley-Davidson said it is aware of the investigation and is cooperating with regulators.

Harley-Davidson said it is cooperating with regulators in a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation into complaints by owners who say their motorcycle brakes failed without warning.


Monday, March 14, 2016

World's Longest Motorcycle Burnout

Performing The World's Longest Motorcycle Burnout

Victory Motorcycles new Octane was unveiled and to celebrate the fact, Victory has set an official Guinness World Record for the longest burnout. Stunt rider Joe Dryden managed 2.23 miles before the tire eventually popped and his front brake was about to catch fire.

Watch Video Below

Cool Biker

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Eric Buell Racing Turns The Key Again

 The EBR 1190 SX Street Fighter Photo: Loz Blain

When a liquidation company bought Eric Buell Racing out of bankruptcy in mid-January, many in the motorcycle industry thought it was the end of the manufacturing road for a well-loved name.

However, it appears Liquid Asset Partners are following through on the promises and intentions made at the time of the purchase. Instead of liquidating the assets of Eric Buell Racing, Bill Melvin, CEO of Liquid Asset Partners said at the time they wanted to help the motorcycle manufacturer continue its production.

“I believe Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has established themselves as one of the premier motorcycle manufacturers in the world and has strong potential as a viable business,” Melvin said in a press release dated January 15th,”Our sale process will enable the proper exposure of the company and price flexibility that may better fit a new owner to move forward with operations.”

These statements were met with a degree of cynicism in the motorcycle industry as well from its media. It appears those critics may need to order a round of humble pie.

A press release issued today invited the motorcycle media and Eric Buell fans, maybe we call them Buellies, to an open house to celebrate the resumption or production at Eric Buell Racing.

‘Get ready to throw a leg over the ‘American Sport Bike,’ turn the key, and twist the throttle! EBR Motorcycles resumes production beginning March 1 with a stable financial plan in place from Liquid Asset Partners,’ the press release reads.

This latest Buell incarnation, EBR Motorcycles, LLC, will start with production of 2016 1190RX and 1190SX motorcycles with the first bikes scheduled to roll off the line March 17th. The moment will be celebrated with the public, Buell Nation, and EBR fans at an EBR launch party on March 18 at the EBR motorcycle factory on Buell Drive in East Troy, WI.

“I am really looking forward to the launch and the press day. I have dedicated my life to this and want to get the word out on how great our motorcycles are,” said Erik Buell, Founder and CTO.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Powerful Harley Shovelhead

Motorcycle clubs accuse police profiling

A motorcyclist enjoying his classic Harley-Davidson Knucklehead and minding his own business

ST. Paul, Minnesota - 2/24/2015
A minority group claims its members are being unfairly profiled, stopped by police for no valid reason, and it’s demanding a bill to prevent it.

The legislation, put before the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee Monday by Sen. David Osmek, R-Mound, requires Minnesota’s Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training to develop a statewide policy to eliminate motorcyclist profiling, including methods to identify and avoid it. It also requires every law enforcement agency in the state to have “a written anti-motorcycle profiling policy.”

In testimony, several members of Minnesota motorcycle clubs laid out a litany of their own experiences: Officers they believed had pulled them over on trumped-up pretenses questioned them about who they were and why they were in their community and, in some cases, photographed their tattoos and patches.

“It’s my constitutional right to be in a motorcycle club,” said Jim Jahnke of Rochester, the national vice president of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club.

“I am not a criminal. … I think law enforcement is ill-educated,” said Jahnke’s wife, Audrey Jahnke.

After Frank Ernst of Chanhassen, representing American Bikers for Awareness Training and Education of Minnesota, described an instance in which he said he was pulled over by an officer who claimed he hadn’t seen Ernst’s protective eye wear, which he was wearing, Senate finance Chair Ron Latz, DFL-St. Louis Park, asked if Ernst had filed any complaint with the agency in question.

Ernst said he hadn’t but that he would in the future.

Jim Franklin, executive director of the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association, along with a representative of the Minnesota State Patrol both testified they had not found evidence of a single complaint filed against law enforcement agencies concerning profiling motorcyclists.

The not-so-subtle implication: That might be a good place to start.

Mimicking the testimony of Nathan Gove, executive director of the officer standards and training board, Franklin said current statutes and guidelines already required impartiality as well as arrests based on “reasonable suspicion and probable cause.”

“This (legislation) is unnecessary because of existing law,” Franklin said, before noting he himself rode horses, often had crap on his boots — but looked forward to having discussions with people to help them understand that cowboys weren’t so bad.

He suggested motorcyclists do the same.

Taking A Break

Out riding with friends on my Harley and found a nice sunny spot to take a break and stretch

1980 Harley-Davidson FXWG

FXWG Wide Glide, a Low Rider with wide forks and a flame pattern painted on the tank

Monday, February 15, 2016

Eureka Springs not happy with Bikers

 Bikers taking a cruise in Downtown Eureka Springs Arkansas

In its early days, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, was a popular Victorian-era spa resort, with visitors arriving by train to take the water cure in the 1890s.

Decades later, in the 1940s, a group of painters, traveling to this small Ozarks village by automobile during the summers, established a permanent art colony. Today, more than 10 percent of the town’s 2,000 residents work as artists, either in their own studios or in more than 30 galleries amid Eureka Springs’ steep curving boulevards and lush spring-fed gardens.

 Bikers gather outside the Pied Piper Pub and Cat House Lounge

Over the last few years, tourists have been arriving by a louder mode of transportation. Motorcyclists are discovering Eureka Springs, opening leather, lingerie and tattoo parlors, Harley shops and biker bars.

A single biker rally over one weekend will pack the town, says Jeremiah Vasquez, kitchen manager at the Pied Piper Pub and Cat House Lounge.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wicked Past

Air Force Veteran Creates Motorcycles From Spoons

Jame Rice holding one of his unique creations using discarded silver spoons

Air Force Veteran James Rice, of Tacoma, WA. is one creative dude.  James flattens, bends, twists, and shapes spoons by hand and turns them into art. “Everything on his chopper is spoons; engine, wheels, tires, gas tank. He truly sees how to make the unassuming spoon into something most of us would have never thought of.”

James is a 23 year Air Force veteran, who now works on Joint Base Lewis McChord as a civilian helicopter inspector. Even though he often works around 60 hours a week, he also works on his creations nearly every night.

His Motorcycle Art shimmers in the Washington State Sunshine

James has come up with some very creative ways to bend and shape them, all without heating or hammering, to leave the original  shape of the spoon he started with and form them into motorcycle art. So he’s able to give them the desired shape without spoiling their original beauty.

Another view of this amazing beauty

“I was good in art,” he later revealed. “I could draw, but I really liked taking things apart and putting them back together. I made my own bikes. I restored cars, built motors. In middle school, I built a mini bike. Anything that had a motor in it, I was intrigued.”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Orange County Choppers Property Auction

Orange County Choppers World Headquarters

 The Orange County Choppers (OCC) World Headquarters is on the auction block. The property was built in 2008 specifically for the OCC. Details are below.

Property showings will be offered on Thursday, February 25th and Thursday, March 3rd between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM local time. Great opportunity to acquire a 61,305 SF mixed-use property and approximately 1 acre located in Newburgh, NY.
Orange County Choppers, the single tenant occupier of the space, currently has a mix of office, industrial, retail, dining and bowling alley in the recently built two-story building.

The brand recognition of the current tenant is the result of a popular reality television show which showcased their operations leading it to become a destination location for local residents and fans from a wide geography.

Orange County Choppers Cafe

The property is prominently located at the intersection of the New York State Thruway (I-87), I-84 and U.S. Route 17K allowing easy access and visibility. The property is also adjacent to Stewart International Airport served by JetBlue, Delta and US Airways.

The current layout of the 61,305 SF building is: a combined 20,000 SF for retail store, restaurant, and bowling alley operations on the 1st floor of building adjacent to the showroom displaying their customize motorcycles and the industrial portion of the building. The second floor office space has been vacated by the tenant and could be leased to other tenants. The property has a total of 178 parking spots with large portion of the parking available in covered garage below the building.

Property Address is: 14 Crossroads Court, Newburgh, NY, 12550

Source and Listing: LoopNet

Monday, January 11, 2016

1948 Harley Panhead

A Timeless Beauty - 1948 Harley-Davidson FL 

The 1948 Harley-Davidson FL motorcycle introduced a number of changes to the Harley design, updates that showed the company wasn't resting on its laurels.
At Harley-Davidson, changes came thick and fast in the postwar years. The year 1948 saw the opening of a huge new engine production facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a few miles west of the Milwaukee facility.
But that year's biggest news -- at least to fans of classic motorcycles -- came in the form of Harley's new FL model with its "Panhead" V-twin.
Replacing both the 61-cubic-inch overhead-valve Knucklehead and the 74-cubic-inch Flathead V-twins, the overhead-valve Panhead was available in the same two displacements and incorporated several improvements.
Beneath its roasting-pan-shaped rocker covers (from which it got its nickname) lay aluminum heads that were lighter and provided better cooling than their cast-iron predecessors. Hydraulic lifters reduced valve noise and eliminated most adjustments, while an improved oil circulation system resulted in longer engine life.
There were other changes as well. More chrome trim pieces gave the bikes a fancier look, and a steering-head lock was added in case the extra flash attracted the wrong kind of attention.
A latex-filled saddle was optional, as were eight equipment packages that let buyers tailor an FL to their own tastes.
Apparently, these changes were appreciated by the motorcycling public, for Harley-Davidson sold a record 31,163 units in 1948. But more big news was on the horizon. Information Courtesy of:

Sweet, Sweet Harley Shovelhead

Couple Of Girls Riding

Cool Drag Bike