Sunday, September 24, 2023

C.C. and Company film introduction

The cult classic C.C. and Company is a 1970 American biker film directed by Seymour Robbie. It starred Joe Namath as Biker C.C. Ryder, Ann-Margret as fashion journalist Ann, and William Smith as Moon, the leader of the fictitious Outlaw Motorcycle Club called the "Heads".The film also features singer Wayne Cochran and his band The C.C. Riders.
C.C. Ryder falls in with a Outlaw Motorcycle Club in the desert, and then rescues Ann from trouble with the same club. There next occurs a motocross race tied in with a fashion shoot. The Heads disrupt the event, but C.C. Ryder enters the race to gain Ann's favor. This puts him in conflict with Moon. When Ryder wins the race and leaves with his award money the club kidnaps Ann, and Ryder must ride back to save her.

The film stars the following:

Joe Namath as C. C. Ryder
Ann-Margret as Ann McCalley
William Smith as Moon
Jennifer Billingsley as Pom Pom
Mike Battle as Rabbit
Greg Mullavey as Lizard
Teda Bracci as Pig
Don Chastain as Eddie Ellis
Sid Haig as Crow
Bruce Glover as Captain Midnight
Keva Kelly as Tandalaya
Jackie Rohr as Zit-Zit
Robert Keyworth as Charlie Hopkins
Alan Pappe as Photographer
Ned Wertimer as Motorcycle salesman