Monday, October 5, 2020

Fundraiser: Bikers Helping Veterans

Midwest, USA (October 5, 2020) - We normally don't support online fundraisers but, sometimes we make exceptions, especially if we support who and what they support. Literally operating on shoestring budget, these folks have made an impact on many lives of our veterans.

This small group of bikers, led by several military veterans are doing righteous stuff for our veterans. For starters, they are all volunteer and funded solely by private donations.

After spending 3 years in Beech Grove, Indiana, they recently relocated to larger area on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Bill, a Vietnam veteran and a volunteer has a few words about the last three years. "Don't get me started on Beech Grove, that place hates bikers and veterans." He went on, "In fact, any fundraising event that we wanted to do, the city council shot us down for permits." 

This covid thing really hit a couple of them hard and is this why the fundraiser. "We lost two, suicide sucks all the way around but when it hits home, slam." Tina, a volunteer said. "We are dealing with PTSD related to this covid-19 and the lock downs." She went on, "We all hope these lock downs end soon so we can function again." 

All Volunteers

In a nutshell, that means that they have no paid staff and nobody gets a salary. And get this, they also receive no Federal or State funding because they don't want to be told who to support.

"We looked into grants and federal funding and all that but, if we were to be awarded a grant then we have to go by the grant guidelines." said Mark, a volunteer of Bikersinc. "We all feel that by running it as all volunteers it has more essence of what a real non profit should be." Mark said. 

Here is their fundraiser on our Facebook page. If you can donate a few bucks, great.

Posted by Biker Switchboard on Monday, October 5, 2020

They are a verified charity on PayPal and you can donate on the image or HERE

SOURCE: Bikersinc