Sunday, July 17, 2022

Coliseum Requested for Sonny Barger's Service

Oakland, California, USA (July 17, 2022) - The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has requested to hold Sonny Barger’s memorial service at the Oakland Coliseum complex, just a couple of miles away from the Foothill Boulevard clubhouse where he founded. Barger died June 29 at his home in Livermore.

A funeral at the coliseum may or may not happen, but it is up for discussion. Henry Gardner, the executive director of the Coliseum Authority, plans to discuss the club’s proposal with his board.

In a memo to the board, Gardner said the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club have asked to use the stadium’s parking lot for a service in August, but he’s waiting to hear back from authorities.

“We have consulted with the city’s leadership, including the Oakland Police Department, to seek guidance on whether or not this event can be safely and securely managed,” Gardner wrote. “The group estimates there will be approximately 2,000 of their members in attendance".

"The Oakland Police Department is taking the lead in determining a safety plan and will be providing us with their recommendations on whether and how we should proceed.” it continued

Events at the Coliseum, which is publicly-owned, do not necessarily need the approval of the Coliseum board, which is made up of members of the Oakland City Council, county Board of Supervisors, and members appointed by both government bodies.

Read the memo here: The Oakland Arena Board Memo